With 20+ years of experience in game design and development, Nejati brings with him valuable knowledge and skills in creating quality gameplay mechanics, user interface and experience. He also excels in player retention, player engagement, gameplay progression and monetization. Started his career at the renowned UK games studio Vivid Image Developments in 1991, gaining valuable knowledge and experience with classic games such as ‘Time Machine’, ‘Street Racer’ and award winning ‘First Samurai’.

Nejati joined Turkey’s leading and most influential game development company Sobee Studios as a game designer in 2005. He co-designed world’s first ever 11 vs 11 online soccer game, ‘I Can Football’, which won the Best Content Award in the 2010 London World Communication Awards. Nejati’s important contribution continued with one of Turkey’s most popular games Supercan. With the rise of mobile games, Nejati has been working for various mobile game studios such as Gulyabani Games, Dinc Game Studio, Lootcopter and Any Games before joining Inventuna.